About me

Double your profit (not only cost-cutting)

Less is more
The race for productivity
It’s all about user experience
Lean, canvas, disruptive, singularity.

Find your way in apps world
Be sure not to become a tech under the techies but lead the way to innovation

Starting my own business
Go for passion
Playing the right cards
What I learned in the last years is exponential!

From Filofax to commodore, apple2, Mac, Windows ( control, alt, delete and cut copy paste), Palmpilot, Blackberry ( working already long before the iPhone, paperless, and like Twitter)

Now trying to learn with mobile only! So no more desktops, laptops but just tablets, smartphones, apple watches.

I liked playing cards and board games such as Monopoly, Olympic Games, Catan, Bridge, and Stratego.
So this Tinder swiping and Pinterest essentially didn’t exist yet when I was young.
Also a big fan of comics

I hate power points, and unused or poorly executed business plans

I am visually orientated, direct, enthusiastic and want to make you successful!
I can become your best sparring partner!

Born in Amsterdam , in the area of the Pijp, close to Albert Cuyp, a famous market, near the old Heineken brewery, and the Andre Hazes statue (a famous Dutch folk singer).
All the ingredients to become a real fighter were there. Perseverance and Football (Ajax and Barca) were also part of my way of life.
I finished high school, went to university, studied chemistry, but ended up as an auditor (very logical) and lateron as a financial.
I spent 12 years as an auditor (EY), and worked as a consultant to insurance companies, the airline industry, the mint (Dutch florins, stamps, other currencies), the cement industry, recruiters and engineers.
I spent 6 years in the fashion industry, 6 years doing reverse logistics, 9 years in the software sector, and 6 years in the franchising sector. I worked for listed and non-listed international companies large and small.

Now enjoying live as an entrepreneur!
Never a dull moment!