Why What How

Golden circle

Yes, not the golden age or triangle…
You read that right!
It’s famous!
The Golden Circle is an invention of Simon Sinek’s.

What is your ‘why’?
Is it easy to determine your ‘why’?
Is it absolutely necessary to have it?
If you cannot find it invent one, and change your business model while you still can.

What is the ‘why’ of LinkedIn or xing?
It’s a contacts and network platform only.
People love it or hate it.
No escape is possible!
Do you want to be boxed into categories as LinkedIn does?
Handy? Yeah, sometimes.
Vital? No!
Once you’re in, you’re locked in.

What Next?
The ‘why’ for Yahoo!
What about Twitter?

Whatever LinkedIn’s ‘why’ might be, whatever the numbers are, Microsoft is now LockedIn!
The paid an astronomical amount for a profitable (or was it not profitable) business that’s surrounded by questions. Check out my earlier ‘LinkedIn or Out’ post.
From Microsoft’s perspective it make sense. They should defend the ‘Why’ of Office. Office can become more valuable if the merger is handled well.
Unfortunately, Microsoft has a track record of either paying too much for acquisitions, or turning them into disasters as it did with Nokia.
Skype (or was it Lync?) does okay, although they clearly paid too much for that too.
Since Microsoft has enormous cash reserves, it seems that these decisions are not too critical for the survival of Microsoft.

So remember: your ‘why’ may not be someone else’s ‘why’!
It will be interesting to see or predict what Google’s answer Microsoft’s move would be!
Google and Twitter? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I see Microsoft buying the quickly growing and successful collaboration tool, ‘Slack’ next!
Microsoft has already copied Trello.
Everything decent within productivity area will probably be targeted.

Productivity is the golden circle ‘why’ behind Microsoft.

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