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The future of email

We all use e-mail, don’t we?
Could you imagine a life without e-mail?
We use it for business, and how about private mails?

We are born, and in the modern world, most of us get an ID, social security number and of course, an email address

That’s where it all starts.
We need it constantly to play, to learn, to study, to write, to read.
All we need (we think) is the alphabet, and numbers…
Every region and country has its language.
We learn fast when we are young. Gradually, learning slows down.
We still have to maintain learning to avoid getting “digibeet” (digitally illiterate).

I have had tens of different e-mail addresses – all for a purpose, or for fun, or just simply for the sake of having them.
Once you have them, it’s hard to get rid of them.
Just as you started to try new platforms and providers out, they caught you (Google, Microsoft, Apple or others).
If you get a provider, they also issued you with an email address.
Your email can come with aliases, username and passwords.

Everything you want to do nowadays, everything you join or want to register for requires your email.
Without it, you are nobody.
Even the tax authorities want to bill you online (they usually call it help or service).
If you want Facebook, Twitter, or iTunes you need it. If you want apps you need it – either directly or indirectly via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
If you want to communicate with friends you need it plus possibly a phone. To register your phone you need to identify yourself somehow, even if you use prepaid.
You can try to avoid email, but it’s not easy.
When you buy a phone in the AppStore, they want to send you the bill electronically.
For on line purchases, you need your Credit Card or Paypal, etc. which has your email. If you didn’t have it, buying online would be difficult.

Businesses trying to find customers get contacts using social media. Once you are on it, they try to get your email. It has value. They rate their success according to the addresses they get to send you news, info, and offers.
Also, you get a lot of spam!
I once bought a domain name for a future website.
Since then, I have had no rest, I get spammed all the time.
Website, hosting, SEO, video courses, logo, apps development, stationary, you name it, you need email.
Every strategy is used to get contact via your email address.

How nice the world would be without email!
If we could have chat, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Slack, just a swipe away – and no email.
They would become the new platform – at least that’s what they want.

There is also a rat race for the best mail app.
I don’t think email will disappear, but I’d love to see an alternative (see f.e. Email-easilydo, Spark, Cubes)
No more folders, no more archiving just a flash and it’s deleted automatically (snapchats).
Find the solution to the problem –  Declutr and become successful.
Hurry! No time to loose!

Microsoft is trying to catch up and will release soon Microsoft teams.




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