the future of email-01

The future of email

We all use e-mail, don’t we? Could you imagine a life without e-mail? We use it for business, and how about private mails? We are born, and in the modern world, most of us get an ID, social security number and of course, an email address That’s where it all starts. We need it constantly …

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Rat race for productivity

The rat race for productivity

The golden circle of Simon Sinek. Do you know your ‘why’?  The purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do? If you don’t know, find it, search for it, or invent it. Do this if you want to be successful.

information overload

Information overload

Today we have access to complete databases like Wikipedia, newsfeeds, business news, social media, technology, business software, apps of any kind, books, video, audio, RSS feeds. Today’s world is overloaded with information. Some countries or organisations try to hide or manipulate certain information too. Scandals like WikiLeaks, Panama papers, the Libor scandal, political scandals or …

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